Local kids host lemonade stand supporting Fargo Police

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lemonade stand for fargo pd
lemonade stand for fargo pd

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Following the tragic events in Fargo, people of all ages are coming together to show their support for Fargo Police.

From decals to shirts, the community is doing things to show the Fargo Police and their families that Fargo is better together.

Sometimes kids don’t completely understand what is going on when bad things happen but it’s important to learn how to talk to your children about these things.

“Well there’s been plenty of things happening in the community lately the past couple of weeks in the wake of everything that’s been happening. But a lot of it is adult based and it was really fun for me the other day when we were driving in our neighborhood and my girls spotted a lemonade stand that was for the Fargo PD. I said well, I have a bit of a platform here maybe i can help you advertise this a bit.” said Zero, from Y94.

These local kids came up with the idea to host a lemonade stand to raise money.

All of that money will be going to the Fargo Police department to show their love and support.

“Our idea was like to make a lemonade stand for the police officers and to give the money to the police.” said the girls who thought of the idea.

Proud parents watched as their children took charge. Getting excited when customers came, filling up their cups, and thanking them for their donations.

“A lot of times when you hear your kids want to do something like a lemonade stand it’s because they want whatever new toy, right? They’re saving up for a new bicycle whatever the case might be. But when your kids say they want to give that all away and they understand the importance of the cause they’re giving it to, that’s kind of your proud parent moment.” said Zero.

Not even the rain could stop these girls from showing their support.

“Our idea was like to make a lemonade stand for the police officers and to give the money to the police.” says the girls.

The lemonade stand raised over one-thousand dollars.

If you missed the lemonade stand there are plenty of opportunities to give back and show your support for the Fargo Police Department and their families.


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