43rd annual Big Iron Ag Show begins


WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — It’s an upper Midwest tradition: thousands of farmers and ranchers gather for the 43rd annual Big Iron Farm Show in West Fargo.

“Well, you can get a lot of deals on things. There’s a lot of new things to look at. We found a lot of new things we never knew that were here and just get ideas for different things,” said Annette Wawrzyniak.

Exhibitors and thousands across the globe gather at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds to check out all the latest gadgets and features.

“Big Iron draws a lot of people from a lot of…you know, we got a big range here. It’s not just the Fargo area. It draws from western North Dakota, Canada, a lot of international customers are looking at machinery at the show. It’s a big event in the eastern North Dakota-Minnesota area,” says Nathan Gion, a Customer Account Manager at Butler Machinery.

“Everybody’s so focused on what ag is doing these days and what’s great about Big Iron is people from all over can come and just see what it’s all about, learn new things, see how agriculture is changing. Big Iron’s always been great for that,” said Nathan Faleide, the founder of Boundri.

Some travel to the show every year from thousands of miles away and are shocked to see how much it’s grown in our area.

“We come out this way, we’re fifty miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio. It gives us a chance to come out here once a year. We like the country. We like the people, and we can sell and make money while we’re here. I’ve been coming out here for twenty years and Fargo itself looks like it’s almost doubled in size since we started coming here. We like the industry,” says Jon Rhoads of Quality Craft Tools.

And there’s plenty for the kids, too.

“I wasn’t sure how the traffic would be, but every time a little kid sees a rug and some farm toys, they seem pretty excited, and parents do, too. We’re almost acting like a mini daycare in sense for the show. So, it gives some of the parents a little more roaming room to check some other things out,” said Faleide.

Some stations are testing out new interactive features as a way to recruit younger generations to consider the trade.

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