New Leonardo da Vinci exhibit brought to life in Detroit Lakes

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. (KVRR) – Within the Becker County Museum, replicas of Leonardo da Vinci’s artwork and drawings are on display. Showcasing the talented work by a man who lived long, long ago who thought of concepts for tanks, planes and parachutes before anyone else.

“There are so many pieces,” said Becky Mitchell, the executive director at the museum. “There’s over 60 machines that are built to life-sized scale based off his drawings. There is over 20 pieces of replica art installations along with the placards and the education to all of them. Something like this piece to scale, the Last Supper is 15 feet tall and by 30 feet wide. To me that is just so impactful to really sit and look at it and it is incredible.”

Many people are starting to flock to the museum to catch a look at da Vinci’s famous pieces. Schools are booking trips, groups are taking time out of their days to check it out. Getting a chance to see his drawings come to life is fascinating for those that walk through these halls.

“It’s not often that you get to see concepts partially reduced to physical models.” said Elaine Yorkgitis, who was there to look at the exhibit.

A dream that started a few years ago came to fruition. The museum staff says this type of exhibit is only found in places like Chicago and Minneapolis, so it means a lot to bring da Vinci to Becker County. They couldn’t have done it without the community support.

“I think it truly shows that no matter the size of your community, when you band together you can do really incredible things and bring really incredible opportunities,” said Mitchell. “I think that is something Detroit Lakes continues to show over and over and over again, along with many other areas in the region. Dream big and make it happen. The educational opportunities with this exhibit is just incredible.”

The exhibit will be at the Becker County Museum until January 7.

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