Morning – In The Community

Social Distancing: Gone Fishin’

A Novice Angler's 1st Time Fishing In Minnesota

  It’s fishing season. I spent last week out at the lakes in Otter Tail County, so I thought I’d give angling a try. I hadn’t gone fishing in well over a decade. I never had been fishing in Minnesota, one of the best fishing states in the country. I know, I know. I’ve lived here for years and I’ve…


Let's be honest, Amazon doesn't need our support. But they do.

Local business owners are primed to give Amazon Prime Day a run for its money. That’s after a new project called launches online. The project provides one-stop online shopping for consumers that showcases local, North-Dakota based small businesses, all in one marketplace. The idea came about with and is funded by the Covid relief Cares Act. The UND Small…

LIVE: Moorhead Farmer’s Market

Get fresh with us. Come on, everyone else is doing it.

If you’ve spent the past pandemic year-plus sitting on the couch chewing on processed foods, there’s some good news this morning: there’s a new chance to get out today to get some goodies that will leave you feeling good, too. Tuesday marks the return of the Moorhead Farmer’s Market. It’s not just a great place to buy fresh, locally produced…

LIVE: Fargo CoreCon Going 100% Virtual In 2021

Fargo CoreCon Events, Panels And Shows Streaming All Weekend On Twitch & Discord

  One of Fargo’s biggest pop culture celebrations is carrying on 100 percent virtually this weekend. Fargo CoreCon is usually has in-person events, shows, artists, video games and vendors. All of that is still happening this year, just online. The Con is streaming concerts, panels and more on Twitch and Discord. CoreCon runs from May 28th through the 30th. Organizers…

LIVE: More Than A Dozen New Sculptures Installed In Park Rapids

Park Rapids Sculpture Trail Gets Refreshed With Regional Art Every Year

  A town in Lakes Country has a fresh new look this morning thanks to more than a dozen new sculptures. This is the fourth year for the Park Rapids Sculpture Trail. Every May, a set of new sculptures goes up in Red Bridge Park and downtown Park Rapids. 13 new sculptures were unveiled over the weekend. Organizers say the…

LIVE: FM Symphony, Kiwanis Releasing Playlist To Help Foster Kids’ Development

"Welcome to a World Filled with Beautiful Music" Is A Rebirth Of A Program From 2004-2011

  The Kiwanis Club of Fargo and the FM Symphony are teaming up to get kids started in life on the right note. “Welcome to a World Filled with Beautiful Music” is a playlist available to parents of young children and people working in child development. They’re mostly classical songs, recorded by the symphony over the years, than can help…

Social Distancing: Live Cam Postcards

A Travel Activity That Lets You Pose For The World To See

  Here’s a silly thing you can do to make your travels a little more fun in our region. It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt, and makes for a fun photo op for your travels. Find all the places along your journey where there’s a live cam, and pose in front of it. We have a lot of live…

Social Distancing: Renovating The Mississippi Headwaters

The Iconic Mississippi River Headwaters Have A New Look This Spring Thanks To A Restoration Project

  The days of social distancing are probably drawing to a close soon. Mask mandates are gone. Vaccination rates are going up. But I’ll still share ways to have some fun while spacing out when I come across them. Which brings me to one of the most iconic places in our region: Itasca State Park. I camped there over the…

LIVE: Healthy Kids Day

Talk about terrific timing. Just as the CDC announced its new, relaxed recommendations for vaccinated Americans and telling us we can drop the masks, the YMCA is welcoming back one and all for its annual Healthy Kids Day this weekend. It’s been more than a year since the metro’s YMCA facilities opened their doors to everyone for the free-to-all-ages event….

LIVE: Year of the Road Trip

If you want road adventure and wide-open spaces, you've come to the right place.

You’re probably itching to get out and enjoy the great wide wonderful region this weekend, but then again, so are thousands upon thousands of strangers in the tri-state area. And most of them may be headed for our lovely lakes country for fishing opener in Minnesota. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, you’ve come to the right place, since…