accessory to murder

Suspects Allegedly Obstructed Avery Murder Investigation

If convicted, Erno and Payne could be sentenced to 20 years in prison

1/3 Ethan Broad Show Caption Hide Caption 2/3 Andrea Payne Show Caption Hide Caption 3/3 Show Caption Hide Caption MOORHEAD, Minn.–Court documents are describing the alleged roles of two people who are accused of being accomplices in the murder of Dystynee Avery in Moorhead. Twenty-six-year-old Andrea Payne and 22-year-old David Erno are each charged with aiding an offender after the…

Two Additional Arrests Made in Avery Homicide Investigation

The investigation is ongoing.

Andrea PayneMOORHEAD, Minn.–The Moorhead Police Department says two more people have been arrested in connection with the murder of Dystynee Avery. Twenty-two-year-old David Erno and 26-year-old Andrea Payne both of Moorhead were arrested Tuesday evening on accessory to murder charges. The investigation is ongoing and no more information is being released at this time. Moorhead Police are working with the…