Alec Smith

Walz Celebrates Launch Of Emergency Insulin Act; Law Faces Legal Challenge

The Minnesota Net Safety Program helps Minnesotans who have difficulty paying for their insulin.

MINNESOTA – The Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act goes into effect as a lawsuit is filed. The program has two parts: urgent need for insulin and the continuing need program. The urgent need allows eligible Minnesotans to receive a 30 day supply of insulin immediately at their pharmacy once a year for no more than a $35 co-pay. The continuing…

Minnesota Advocates Talk About New Alec Smith Insulin Bill

Uninsured, Under-insured, Medicare Recipients And Those Who Do Not Have Access To Low Co-pays Are Included In The Bill.

ST.PAUL, Minn. — In a video call with Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, advocates and politicians, Nicole Smith-Holt got to see in real time a bill passed that she says will save lives against a disease that hits too close to home. “My Type 1 son actually died from rationing his insulin when he aged off my insurance and could no…

Senators Smith & Cramer Announce Bill to Study The Affordability of Insulin

Smith and Cramer also introduced the Emergency Access to Insulin Act

WASHINGTON – Senators Tina Smith and Kevin Cramer announce a bill that would conduct a study examining insulin affordability. The Insulin Affordability Data Collection Act would investigate the impact of the cost of insulin on the rates of diabetic ketoacidosis, dialysis treatment and Medicare and Medicaid spending. Minnesotan Alec Smith is in Senator Smith’s thoughts during her push for the…