LIVE: Alpacas At KVRR!

Alpacas Join Us Ahead Of 2018 Fiber Arts Festival

  Chris Armbrust with the Fiber Arts Festival brings her Alpacas Oodles and Noodles out to chat with Adam ahead of the 2018 festival. There will be plenty of wool, yarn, handmade toys, blankets, and clothing, along with demonstrations showing you how to use all those materials. Animals will be there too! You can find alpacas, sheep, and even a…

A Local Alpaca Farm Changing the Game for North Dakota Farmers from Start to Finish

And coincidentally falling onto 10–7 Galchutt Avenue, Ten Seven acres was born

GALCHUTT, N.D. — When you hear about a farm in North Dakota, most have cattle roaming the land while crops like corn and soybeans grow in time for harvest. But KVRR’s Jessie Cohen tells us about one unique farm that is utilizing their livestock from beginning to end. “Neither of us had any idea that we’d ever one end up…