Anna Huso

ND Couple In Ukraine Endures Family Hardship & Tragedy Since Russian Invasion

Brent & Anna Huso have been staying in Ukraine during Russian invasion

  WESTERN UKRAINE, (KVRR) – A couple from McVille, North Dakota has been in Ukraine since before the war broke out.  They could leave, but that would mean abandoning their family who call the country home. Brent & Anna Huso came to Ukraine in early February to visit Anna’s family and take a ski vacation in Western Ukraine, even though…

ND Couple In Ukraine Says International Community Needs To Do More For Country

Brent & Anne Huso Of McVille, ND Have Been In Ukraine Since Early February

UKRAINE, (KVRR) – A North Dakota couple currently in Ukraine say the international community is abandoning Ukranians while Russia is invading. Brent and Anna Huso of McVille, North Dakota, went to Ukraine in early February for a ski vacation with Anna’s family. Once Russia invaded, Anna’s family made a long an dangerous journey from near Kyiv to stay with them…