Firefighters Remind People to be Mindful When Burning Recreational Fires

Always have some sort of water supply on hand

As you enjoy the nice weather and longer days, firefighters want you keep fire safety in mind. Having a fire in your backyard to roast some s’mores is a great summer pastime, but if the smoke starts to bother neighbors, that’s when it becomes a problem. Neighbors may call the fire department if the flames cause them to close their…

Fargo Park District To Offer Free S’mores During Special Ice Rink Events

The park district is holding a series of "S'mores & More" events thru February

FARGO, ND —┬áHere’s yet another chance to get out and enjoy the winter weather in Fargo. The park district is holding a series of “S’mores & More” events thru February. They will be held at different neighborhood ice rinks each week and feature open skating, music, a bonfire and of course free s’mores supplies and hot chocolate. The next one…

Man Hurt After Attempting To Pour Gasoline On Bonfire

He Tossed Gasoline Can And Started Two Shops On Fire

WOLVERTON, Minn. – A bonfire in Wolverton, Minnesota got out of control after a man poured gas on it. The 20-year-old man suffered second degree burns to his leg. He was treated and released. Authorities say he threw the gasoline can away from a propane tank but it started two nearby shops on fire. One was destroyed, the other was…