Firefighters Remind People to be Mindful When Burning Recreational Fires

Always have some sort of water supply on hand

As you enjoy the nice weather and longer days, firefighters want you keep fire safety in mind.

Having a fire in your backyard to roast some s’mores is a great summer pastime, but if the smoke starts to bother neighbors, that’s when it becomes a problem.

Neighbors may call the fire department if the flames cause them to close their windows or have breathing problems.

“If it becomes offensive, or obtrusive on a neighbor’s property then we have to be respectful of that neighbor, and we will ask you to extinguish that fire,” Ben Willey, EMS training captain for Fargo Fire Department, said.

West Fargo Fire Department says they get these types of calls from time–to–time.

“The reason we get called a lot of times is people see smoke in the air and they’ll call it in so we’ll go check it out,” Fire Marshal Dell Sprecher said.

“Every time we are called to investigate one, we do provide that ordinance information to the homeowner so they can continue to have their recreational fire and be in compliance,” Willey said.

Fire pits need to be 25 feet away from any structure, and 15 feet away for a commercial one.

“The reduction in difference is those devices usually have a screen with them to help control embers and additional hazards from blowing around,” Willey said.

Some types of wood need to be taken care of differently.

“Construction lumber has the tendency to be painted, stained, treated with chemicals, all of which can produce smoke, or be hazardous to your neighbors or yourself,” Willey said.

It is illegal to burn yard waste.

Don’t burn fires when it’s too windy, and never leave a fire unattended. When burning a fire, it’s important to have a water supply on hand to put it out.

“Worst case scenario we usually have is when people leave them unattended and wind will pick up at night, and carry and ember into a trash can or into garage area, and start a fire. Then we get into structure fire which is not only bad for the home, but also for the residents living inside that if they can’t get out,” Sprecher said.

Fargo has compost containers where you can get rid things like grass trimmings and leaves across the city.

You can see a list of locations here.

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