Social Distancing: Dive-bombed By Butterflies

Beautiful Butterfly Displays Perfect Excuse To Go Exploring In The Metro

  Right now is a great time to get out and do some socially distanced exploring because we’ve got some beautiful guests fluttering their way through the metro. Do you see those things zipping across the road in the video above? Those are all butterflies! Most of them look like monarchs, but they’re likely painted lady butterflies. My girlfriend and…

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Bring Butterflies To Your Home

Fill your garden with beautiful flowers and butterflies on the next Melinda's garden Moment

Plant some flowers and herbs, add a bit of water, put away the pesticides and wait for the butterflies to appear. Plant in masses whenever possible so butterflies expend less energy traveling between flowers. But even a container of blooms will be appreciated, Include a variety of flowers that provide nectar throughout the season. Plant parsley, dill and other food…