Social Distancing: Dive-bombed By Butterflies

Beautiful Butterfly Displays Perfect Excuse To Go Exploring In The Metro


Right now is a great time to get out and do some socially distanced exploring because we’ve got some beautiful guests fluttering their way through the metro.

Do you see those things zipping across the road in the video above? Those are all butterflies! Most of them look like monarchs, but they’re likely painted lady butterflies. My girlfriend and I went and had a picnic at a park in south Moorhead over the weekend and they were everywhere! I was literally ducking out of the way at times because I thought I was gonna be the victim of the world’s prettiest dive bomb.
It’s an awe-inspiring display of nature.
I was wondering why there were so many butterflies around. I’ve really noticed them over the past week.
It turns out more butterflies might be on the way.
According to monarch, the peak season for monarch viewing this far north is from August 24th to September 5th as they migrate south for the winter. So the butterfly show might even get better.
It’s a great chance to head out and enjoy our visitors while they’re still here.

I also want to thank my girlfriend for taking all those videos while I just sat there gawking at butterflies. I don’t think she realized the pandemic would turn her into a freelance news photographer. She should put that on her resume.
We had an entire park to ourselves over the weekend. There’s plenty of great spaces in the area to get out and enjoy nature. Tell us where you like to go.
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