How to Keep Your Furnace, Pipes Running Smoothly in the Cold

Technicians say proper maintenance can save your pipes and help your wallet

MOORHEAD, Minn. — As the temperatures plummet further and further below zero, people sometimes turn the heat to the highest levels inside. However, technicians say that could be a troublesome short–term solution that could leave long–term damage to your home’s heating system. “Don’t do a setback on your furnace. Lot of people when they leave, they’ll set it back to 65…

The Science of Ice

Factors of making the perfect ice for hockey

The winter gives us a variety of sports to choose from, but hockey is native to the Northland – and ice, that’s the most important part of the good ol’ hockey game. First things first, temperature. “We turn the temperature down basically as far as we can get it because we’re putting multiple loads on and that’s what we call…