City Codes

Fargo City Commissioner Wants F-5 Project Put on Hold

The group's founder says his organization is working with the city to get the application to correct the violation

  FARGO, ND — A Fargo city commissioner wants the F-5 Project stopped until it meets city codes. Dave Piepkorn said the housing project for former inmates didn’t get the proper city approval. Piepkorn said it’s clear the homes violate city code because more than three non-family members live in the houses. The violation was discovered after city leaders got…

24 Hours After Snowfall…Clean Your Sidewalks

With all the winter weather the past few weeks it's important to remember to clear the walkways

FARGO, N.D. After this weekend’s winter storm, sidewalks are covered in ice and if you’re a homeowner, you could be responsible. In Fargo, it is left to homeowners to clear their sidewalks. You have until 24 hours after a snowfall to clean the sidewalk. Failure to do so could end in a warning or a minimum $75 fine. Snow must…