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Families Of Alleged Victims At High School In Colfax Retain Fargo Law Firm

Timothy O'Keeffe and Tatum O'Brien say the families are seeking information and answers

COLFAX, N.D. — A number of families with students who claim to be victims of multiple incidents of student harassment and misconduct at the high school in Colfax have retained a Fargo law firm. Attorneys Timothy O’Keeffe and Tatum O’Brien with O’Keeffe, O’Brien, Lyson & Foss LTD. say the families are seeking information and answers from the Richland #44 School…

Richland County Investigation Into Allegations of Harassment, Bullying or Hazing.

Superintendent Tim Godfrey says "we take such allegations very seriously".

COLFAX, N.D. – The Richland County Sheriff’s office has taken over the investigation into allegations of “harassment, bullying or hazing” involving students at Richland School District #44 Junior and Senior High School in Colfax. Superintendent Tim Godfrey in a statement says, Richland Public School District #44 recently learned of allegations of student misconduct, possibly constituting harassment, bullying, or hazing, at…