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Trump Proposal Could Cut Off Food Stamps to 35K in Minnesota

The Trump administration proposed closing "a loophole'' that automatically deems some people eligible who aren't qualified to receive food stamps.

MINNEAPOLIS–Minnesota food pantry officials are opposing a federal proposal that could take away food stamp benefits from more than 35,000 state residents. The Trump administration in July proposed closing what it calls “a loophole” that automatically deems some people eligible who aren’t qualified to receive food stamps. Colleen Moriarty, who heads the nonprofit group Hunger Solutions Minnesota, said Thursday that…

“Agreement In Principal” Reached On New Farm Bill On Capitol Hill

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "my hope is that we can get this done in the next week"

WASHINGTON, D.C. —┬áThere is progress on Capitol Hill on the farm bill. The top four congressional negotiators of the massive, must-pass farm bill announced an “agreement in principle”, paving the way for passage by the end of the year. While details of the deal were not released, it has been confirmed that stricter work requirements for SNAP, the food stamp…

North Dakota Farmers Take a Stand Against Cuts for Food Stamps

Under the current proposed budget, federal SNAP funding would be cut by $193 billion over ten years

AMENIA, ND. — Congress is considering a White House budget proposal that includes nearly $200 billion in cuts to the national SNAP program, formerly known as food stamps. North Dakota farmers and agriculture leaders gathered in Amenia. They came together to speak out against the White House proposed budget that would cut hundreds of billions of dollars in federal aid…