Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office

Rising Floodwaters Close Two of Three Bridges in Connecting Grand Forks, East Grand Forks

The Kennedy Bridge was built for a flood crest up to more than 50 feet

GRAND FORKS COUNTY, N.D. —┬áThe Red River is nearing 44 feet in Grand Forks and the forecasted crest is 48 feet on Friday. Grand Forks built $400 million worth of permanent flood protection in 2007. “We have 12 pump stations dedicated to flood protection, we have closures that go into our flood walls that involves closing roads but those go…

Law Enforcement and the Community Celebrates Fallen Heroes in Grand Forks

Officers from North Dakota, Minnesota, and Canada celebrate National Peace Officer Memorial Day

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Each strike of the bell carried a name, a date, a rose, and a silent moment of gratitude for their service. The bell echoed across downtown Grand Forks 61 times, one for each local law enforcement official who lost their lives to serve and protect their communities. “These people all gave their lives to make this…