Water Reservoirs Create Hazardous Ice Conditions on James River

The ice conditions would make any rescue attempt nearly impossible.

JAMESTOWN, N.D.–Stutsman and LaMoure County officials are advising the public to stay off the James River for the entirety of the 2019-2020 winter. The continued releases from the Jamestown and Pipestem Reservoirs are expected to create unstable and hazardous ice conditions. Officials say fluctuating water levels beneath the ice will leave voids between the ice and the water surface. The…

Jamestown Places 50,000 Sandbags in Flood Fight

the James River is at a flood stage of 12 feet

JAMESTOWN, N.D. — The city of Jamestown places 50,000 sandbags to protect houses from flooding. This comes after the city was slammed with too much rain in September and almost two feet of snow last week. With Halloween just around the corner, there’s a much different monster lurking in Jamestown. But it’s one city engineers didn’t see coming. “This is…

Civil Air Patrol Spots Ice Jams along The James River near LaMoure

You can also see overland flooding starting north of Oakes

1/4 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/4 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/4 Show Caption Hide Caption 4/4 Show Caption Hide Caption The Civil Air Patrol is giving us a better view of flooding issues in LaMoure and Dickey counties in North Dakota. Seven ice jams were located by aircrews along the James River from Montpelier south to just north of LaMoure….

UPDATE: One Road Reopens Into The Small Dickey County Town of Fullerton

Around 50 people live in Fullerton

Dickey Co. 8 South of Fullerton/Courtesy: Aimee Teske DICKEY COUNTY, ND —  There is a way to get back into the small North Dakota town of Fullerton in Dickey County. Emergency Manager Charlie Russell says water is off of 86th Street Southeast and it is now open from Highway 281 to Fullerton. He reminds people that both bridges south of…