Kratom: The Solution to Opioid Addiction? Why Does the FDA Want it Banned?

Although it's legal in the United States, the FDA is concerned of its potential for abuse

FARGO, ND — A substance the FDA tried banning last year is being used the F-M area. But one woman says it can be the key to recovering from deadly opioid addictions. A Fargo woman claims Kratom can help opioid addicts. Although it’s legal in the United States, the FDA is concerned of its potential for abuse. Opioid addiction is…

Opioid Outreach: The Battle To Reach Those Battling Addiction

How do you reach people before it's too late?

  The opioid epidemic in the valley is taking lives. Addicts are risking death every time they use. How do you reach people before it’s too late? What does it take to put an end to the scourge? Those are the questions being grappled with across the region. Here are some of the answers the community has found so far….

Woman Dies of Overdose in Front of Local Hospital

After a woman dies after being abandoned in front of a hospital while overdosing Wednesday, Fargo Police want to remind the commuity of a law meant to prevent such incidents

A woman passed away from an overdose after she was left in front of a local hospital last night and Fargo Police want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. The department is reminding people in North Dakota of a law that grants immunity to those who call in a drug overdose. If a person reports an overdose, they will…

Meth: A Deep Rooted Issue in the F-M Area

Local police say the opioid epidemic has largely overshadowed the stagnant meth use in the area

FARGO, N.D. — After the Berthold Police Department made what might be the largest meth bust in state history last Tuesday, KVRR spoke with local law enforcement to examine the presence of the drug in Fargo. Cass County Sheriff’s Office says the value of the meth seized in Berthold was likely over $100,000, but they say it’s unlikely the seizure…