Owl Found Attached to Pickup Has Been Euthanized

FARGO, ND – Fargo Police says an owl that was stuck on a truck grill earlier Friday morning was humanely euthanized. The owl latched onto the truck’s grill near Kindred then proceeded to go onto a half hour  trip to Fargo. The bird was taken off the truck by officers and was transferred to the Red River Animal Emergency Clinic….

Update: Owl Spends Night Embedded In Truck Grill

Driver Drove From Kindred Area To Fargo Without Knowing Owl Was Stuck

    FARGO, N.D. — The owl who was embedded in the grill of a pickup had to be euthanized. The owl was discovered by Tyler White when he arrived in Fargo this morning. He had driven from Kindred late last night to the South side of Fargo with the owl in the grill of his pickup. The owl was…

Great Horned Owl Rescued From Construction Site

This is why they tell us to wear a hard hat, Owl.

Actually, the more likely possibility is that this beautiful apex predator was inadvertently poisoned through eating a rodent that had consumed rat poison. Check out the heartwarming tale of rescue from reporter Linda Williams. Categories: Morning – Features Tags: construction, owl, predator, rat poison, rescue, wildlife