Allegiant Airlines Strands Passengers in Las Vegas After Flight Cancellation

Allegiant officials said the last minute cancellation was due to mechanical issues

  LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Tourists waiting to fly home out of Las Vegas on Allegiant Airlines are stranded after the airline cancels the flight and won’t make one available until Thursday. Nearly 200 passengers were waiting to fly home to Oklahoma City on Sunday when they were given the announcement. Allegiant officials said the last minute cancellation was due…

Flyover of Vintage Planes Honors Breckenridge Pilot Killed in Plane Crash

A missing man formation flyover was used to honor Yaggie after the service

BRECKENRIDGE, Minn. — Family and friends came together to mourn the loss of the pilot killed in a plane crash near Moorhead last week. The funeral for Mark Yaggie took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church followed by the interment at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery in Breckenridge. Yaggie passed away July 2nd when he attempted to land at the Moorhead…

Pilot Killed in Crash Near Moorhead Airport Well Thought of by Aviation Community

Colleage and friend of Mark Yaggie remembers what kind of person he was

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Mark Yaggie, 41-years-old, died in an airplane crash near the Moorhead Airport Sunday night. “You hope that it was somebody other than a friend or a colleague,” said Paul Bernabucci, who is vice chairman of the Fargo Air Museum. According to the FAA, Yaggie, who is from Breckenridge, was trying to land at the Moorhead Airport when…

Pilot Identified in Plane Crash Near Mahnomen

Two MnDOT employees rushed to the plane and pulled the pilot from the wreckage

MAHNOMEN, Minn. — A pilot is in a Fargo hospital after crashing his plane south of Mahnomen near the airport. The Mahnomen County Sheriff says the crash happened around 8 o’clock last night and was witnessed by two MnDOT employees. They rushed to the plane and pulled the pilot from the wreckage. He’s identified as 56-year-old Mark Habedank of Twin Valley….

Introducing the Stratolaunch: World’s Largest Plane

The plane is beginning fueling tests and the goal is to have Stratolaunch in the air by 2019

  NATIONAL — Air Force One is as tall as a six story building with a conference room, dining room and even a working hospital, but it’s got nothing on the new Stratolaunch. The Stratolaunch is the world’s largest airplane, with a 385 foot wingspan that uses 28 wheels and six engines used on a Boeing 747. It may stand…

United Airlines Reaches Settlement Deal with Man Dragged Off Chicago Flight

The airline has established 10 recommendations that improve and update their customer service polices

  CHICAGO, IL — The attorney for the Kentucky man who was dragged off a United Airlines plane has reached a settlement with the airline for an undisclosed amount. He also says his client will not sue the city of Chicago as part of the agreement. United has released details of its review of the incident. The airline has established 10…

Los Angeles Couple Arrested After Minneapolis Flight Has to Return to Airport

Airport Officials Say the Couple Caused a Disturbance on the Flight

Courtesy: Metropolitan Airports CommissionTwo passengers were arrested after a Delta Flight had to return to Minneapolis. Blake Fleisig, 35 and 36-year old Anna Koosmann, both of Los Angeles, were taken to jail but have since been released. Koosmann, who also has an Edina address, was cited with disorderly conduct and obstruction while Fleisig was cited for disorderly conduct. Airport officials…