North Dakota Man Fined $74,000 For Poaching Trophy Mule Deer Buck

surveillance at the site caught Cody Davis four months later when he returned to retrieve the severed head

NEW MEXICO — An Arnegard, North Dakota man is ordered to pay $74,000 in restitution for poaching a trophy mule deer buck in northwestern New Mexico. Game and Fish says Cody Davis killed the animal out of season and didn’t have a license. The investigation started in 2015 when game officers found a large headless buck. They put up surveillance…

ND Game and Fish Gives Warning to Snowmobilers

They want to warn drivers to be aware of wildlife crossing their paths

North Dakota Game and Fish is reminding snowmobile enthusiasts to stay clear of wildlife and its habitat. They say the wildlife population has already suffered significantly this winter due to the cold and near-record snowfall. Snowmobiles cannot be used to flush, chase or pursue wildlife. Running snowmobiles near, through or around winter habitat such as thickets, cattails and wooded areas…