Rare Beer Picnic

Rare Beer Picnic returns after two years off from COVID

This sampling festival provides breweries and cideries a chance to connect with the community and share their new summer projects since 2015.

MOORHEAD, M.N. (KVRR)-The Rare Beer Picnic returns after 2 year hiatus Organizers with Junkyard Brewing Company says the event sold out in just two days, a thousand tickets total were sold and people packed Davy Memorial Park for some beer tasting and live music, there was also a free meal included with the ticket purchase. They say this helps set…

LIVE: Uncommon Beers For The Tasting At Rare Beer Picnic

Rare Beer Picnic Provides Uncommon Beers from 14 Breweries

  Beer isn’t just the see-through bubbly concoction you throw back by the six-pack as you watch football. Beer is as complex and varied as the people who brew and enjoy it. The 3rd annual Rare Beer Picnic in Moorhead shows that. Picnic organizer and Junkyard Brewing co-founder Aaron Juhnke joins Adam Ladwig to talk about the varieties of beer…