Man Suffers Throat and Neck Injury After Holding in Sneeze

Doctors say don't hold back when it comes to your sneezes

HR09_131606334338010000 HR09_131606334287350000 HR09_131606334254010000 INTERNATIONAL — A 34-year-old man suffered a neck and throat injury after he tried to hold in a sneeze. Doctors say the man pinched his nose and kept his mouth closed to hold in a forceful sneeze. It sent air and matter crashing into the back of his throat, which caused air bubbles in his soft tissues…

Two Confirmed Cases of Illness After Contact with Pigs at ND State Fair

The second person infected was a non-North Dakota resident

  MINOT, ND — Two people have confirmed cases of variant influenza after having contact with pigs at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot. The child was hospitalized but has since been released and is recovering. It is the first such case of H3N2v in a child in North Dakota. It is similar to swine flu, also known as…