Red Ball Project

An Ode To A Big Red Ball

The Red Ball Project Brings Art People Can Get Close To

  They say millennials are more about the experiences than accumulating possession. I fall into that category. I love weird, unique stuff. And one of the weirdest things in a while to roll into the valley helped bring the community closer to the art world than ever before. Here’s an ode to a big red ball. Public art projects are…

Red Ball Project Rolls into Fargo, Set to Be Displayed at Various Locations

The ball will be exhibited at MSUM, Lindenwood Park, and Fargo Theatre

FARGO, N.D. —┬áSeventeen years ago, sculptor Kurt Perschke bounced around an idea to make city spaces more interactive. “It’s really about seeing a city, playing with what’s possible in a city, and a lot of permanent art is a very long process, and I wanted something that would focus more on audience experience,” said Perschke. Three times a year, Perschke…