An Ode To A Big Red Ball

The Red Ball Project Brings Art People Can Get Close To


They say millennials are more about the experiences than accumulating possession.

I fall into that category.

I love weird, unique stuff. And one of the weirdest things in a while to roll into the valley helped bring the community closer to the art world than ever before. Here’s an ode to a big red ball.

Public art projects are a wonderful way to get the community involved in a bit of culture., even if that culture is simply a big inflatable red ball.

The Red Ball Project has traveled across the world for 17 years.

The 15-foot inflated orb spent the last week in Fargo-Moorhead, where it made plenty of friends.

It even saw snowfall for the very first time. That’s Fargo for you.

I was smitten with the idea., a big random red ball popping up in a different place each day.

So I checked it out four different times.

Each time the weirdness of it all brightened my day.

In that spirit, I say goodbye to a wonderful art exhibit, and a worthy opponent.

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