Fargo Police Warn of Felony Lane Gang in F-M Community

Fargo Police say even though fitness facilities are closed, daycares remain open and common targets.

FARGO, N.D.–The Fargo Police Department says it has reason to believe the Felony Lane Gang has returned to the Fargo-Moorhead community. The nationwide theft ring targets unattended vehicles in parking lots and takes purses, cash, credit cards, checkbooks and IDs. Fargo had at least 12 cases linked to the group in January 2018 and activity reported again in 2019. Fitness…

Man Accuses Fargo Police Department Of Crime Ring, Calls Mayor A Liar

Mayor Tim Mahoney says Duane Hansen has made false accusations, harassed his staff and refused to listen to common sense

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney and Duane HansenFARGO, ND — A man with a history of conflicts with local government employees and law enforcement is accusing the Fargo Police Department of being involved in a theft ring. “You people are way out of line,” said Duane Hansen of Hawley. “There is theft going on here and like I said I believe there’s…