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Looking Up to the (New) Moon

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff takes a look at the current moon phase and what constellations we can easily see in the stars this week:

Severe Weather Awareness

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff gives Severe Weather Awareness tips for Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week and gives information about upcoming tornado drills:

Digging Up Soil Moisture Facts

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff takes a look at what your soil needs in order to be healthy. This will help your garden grow to its fullest potential:

What is a Hardiness Zone?

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff takes a look at what Hardiness Zones are and how they impact people in the Red River Valley:

A New Telescope for the Final Frontier

FARGO, N.D. -- From the satellite to the space shuttle, exploration in the world above has often been of key interest to scientists and a new tool is helping us…

Astronomy at the Spring Equinox

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff takes a look at the specifics behind the Spring Equinox and a constellation that's nice and bright this time of year:

Pi Day: Explained!

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff takes a look at what Pi really is and why we celebrate it on March 14th:

Weather for the Birds!

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff gets a little help during his last weather forecast from his avian intern,  Bella the Umbrella Cockatoo...and it turns into a very funny situation. Take a look: [field59_video key="ab83cf052b4b5fb997b724eb5a6e200872edf819" account="KVRR" playlist="" pid="XBdisoqR" thumb="" vtitle="Scott's Weather With A…

NASA Updates for the White Stuff

Snow is something all of us in the Upper Midwest are used to in the winter. But how are researchers using it to help figure out our country's water supply? "NASA's…


It's not easy to decipher our local weather into 140 characters. But how can we make sure that the information we get is as accurate as possible? Mobile apps and Social…

The History of Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a day where the Weather Authority can get a day off...kind of. But what does this quasi–holiday or weatherman's worst nightmare actually mean? Most people think of February…