Cancelled Flights Cause Frustration

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Harsh winter weather that you would expect to see in our area is hitting other parts of the country and is causing a lot of travel issues. Over 5,000 flights have been cancelled across the nation since Saturday and travelers are frustrated.

Donald Schnieders and his wife are trying to get home to North Carolina. But their connecting flight from Fargo to Chicago was cancelled due to bad weather in the windy city. “Pushed back about 29 hours for a new flight to get home which really messes up the plans.” Schnieders said.

Schnieders manages a motorcycle store back home, and needs to get back to open up shop.

He says he needs to get back to get the work done and get his customers taken care of.

In years past you may have thought it would be the weather in Fargo causing travel delays. Proving once again how unpredictable Mother Nature can be.

Ross Uglem, from Northwood, North Dakota just flew into Fargo after he spent the weekend in Arizona.

He says, “I think I’ve shoveled my driveway this whole year so it’s been pretty easy as far as getting around and obviously traveling is easy too.”

Schnieders isn’t a fan of flying to begin with, and is considering other ideas to make it home.

He says, “We may just grab a rental car and start driving. It’s probably a 24 hour drive.”

He also says you can’t get too upset because no one can control the weather.

“We’re just smiling and moving on trying to figure something out to get ourselves home.” He said.

All but one flight from Fargo to Chicago were cancelled today. This morning snow totals in Chicago reached up to 19 inches.