Gigi’s Ice Lollies Refreshes Downtown Fargo

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If you spend time downtown Fargo, you have probably seen a large rainbow umbrella. It belongs to Gigi’s Ice Lollies.

The corner of Broadway and 3rd Avenue North has become a little bit cooler.
And we’re not talking about the weather.

“We freeze it at below 25 degrees Celsius,” says owner Nicole Kolbe.

It’s where Gigi’s Ice Lollies calls home. Owner Nicole Kolbe grew up in Tennessee and her grandma Gigi’s ice lollies were a big part of her childhood.

“The majority of the base flavors that we serve, those are flavors that she made for us as kids to get us out of the house so we could keep her house clean,” says Kolbe.

If the term ice lolly is unfamiliar to you, you are not alone. Most of us refer to them as popsicles.

“Popsicle is a trademark word by Unilever. And Unilever will come after people and sue them,” Kolbe says.

Nicole has been biking this cart all the way from Moorhead for three summers in a row. And she’s become quite the celebrity.

“I’ve seen her around before and I saw her in the St. Patty’s Day Parade but this is my first one.,” says Lindsay Aune of Moorhead.

I had to try one myself and it’s delicious. And believe it or not, she does everything from the cooking to the selling by herself.

“If you love something as much as I love this you don’t, you just don’t let it go,” says Kolbe.

But Nicole’s frozen treats aren’t just tasty. All of her unique flavored lollies are made from locally sourced ingredients.

“It’s all fresh ingredients. We try to use as many organic ingredients as possible,” Kolbe says.

Gigi’s Ice Lollies is open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday until September.

To find out more about the company or the flavors Gigi’s offers, you can visit her Facebook page.