STEM Students Show Off “You’re Hired” Skill Sets

STEM students at Sheyenne High put their skill sets to the test, that will soon have future employers saying “you’re hired”.

As a part of the “You’re Hired” project students were asked to choose a problem and create a solution that will positively impact the world.

All using what they call a Makey Makey, also known as an energy circuit.

Organizers say the project is a way of showing students the importance of never giving up.

“One of the big skills we try to teach them is to approach a problem with a mindset where if something doesn’t work you go back to the drawing board, and figure out what went wrong, and repeat those steps until you come to a solution that does work,” said Adam Dodd, STEM Teacher at Sheyenne High School.
This is third year that STEM students have participated in the project.