THE BUZZ: Customers Say Valley City’s Pizza Corner Pizza No Longer the Same

Say it isn’t so.

Social media is blowing up with dissatisfied customers saying local frozen pizza favorite Pizza Corner pizza tastes…different.

The Valley City based pizza company was sold to Bernatello’s Foods of Minnesota in May and now customers say their favorites no longer have the same taste or quality of the old ones.

The new owners say they didn’t buy the company to trash and ruin the North Dakota brand and they are investigating customer complaints.

Some of the pizza-making is happening at a Wisconsin plant but operations remain open at the Valley City location where pies have been made the last 30 years.

So we put TJ, Alison, Rob and Mike to the test.

Rob, a self-proclaimed pizza snob, couldn’t seem to get past the fact that Pizza Corner’s cheese pizza was covered in cheddar cheese.

But isn’t everything betta with chedda?

“No,” Rob said.  “I’m from the east coast.  You don’t put cheddar cheese on pizza.”

But he did say it wasn’t bad, although it “tasted different” than the last time he had it.

TJ, who loves Canadian Bacon on his pie, says the crust definitely is different than the Pizza Corner pizza he’s had in the past.

“It doesn’t taste the same…the crust doesn’t have as much flavor as it did before,” he said.

Alison agrees.

And if it’s one thing we know here in the KVRR Newsroom, Alison KNOWS her food.

“I love Pizza Corner, especially the chicken alfredo kind,” she says in between bites.  “But while this is still good, it’s not the same one I know.”

This was Mike’s first time having Pizza Corner pizza and while he says he doesn’t have anything he can compare it to, he would definitely eat it again.

“It’s pizza.  It’s food.  It tastes fine.  I’m hungry…and I’ll still eat it after this,” he declares.

But here’s the real question…is our Pizza Corner experiment flawed?

Does it taste different because we were being swayed by others telling us it was different?

Well stop reading this, decide for yourself and go get some now!

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