Bison Fans Face the Cold To Support Their Team

Bison fans prove no matter how cold the weather may be, they still come out to support their team.

With below-zero temperatures, Bison fans weren’t doing their typical tailgating.

They’re usually grilling outside or playing catch, but that wasn’t the case for today’s game.

“It’s been really cold out, your beer freezes so you stay inside,” said Bison Fan, Katie Mills.

But fans found ways to keeping warm and make sure they still show their team spirit.

“No you just have to dress up. You have to dress for the weather,” said Bison Fan, Terry Murphy.

Fans also say that thanks to heated campers, the coldness doesn’t seem so bad.

“I mean there’s heaters and what not, so it’s not too bad with everybody here,” said Bison Fan, Mara Doran.

Fans were bundled up from head to toe with hats, scarves and even snow boots.

They say if they have to put on a little bit of extra clothing, it’s all worth it to enjoy the tailgate.

“Good food, good friends, good stories, good catching up. It’s a great place to catch up with friends,” said Terry.

“Everyone here is dedicated. Everyone that didn’t come is not dedicated. Not true bison fans,” said Katie.

The wind chill may be biting, but these brave fans stay warm with the energy of their favorite team.

“Supporting the Goofy’s crew and getting the food and drinks and just the environment. The people here are really dedicated,” said Mara.

“Everybody comes out, great atmosphere all your friends are here,” said Terry.

It looks like Mother Nature is no competition for true dedicated fans.

“Go Bison!” said, Katie.

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