Fire Tears Through Nordic Fiberglass Plant in Warren

The plant is a major employer in the small town, Officials can't determine the scope of the damage as of now

Firefighters from eight agencies battled for several hours against the flames at Nordic Fiberglass in Warren, Minnesota on Wednesday evening.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office said Nordic Fiber Glass is a big employer in the area.

But they said thankfully, no one was inside when the fire broke out.

It took firefighters more than five hours to put the flames out and the extent of the damage is clear.

The fire did the most damage to the back of the building which holds the presses used to mold fiberglass.

State Fire Marshals are investigating what may have sparked the fire, but that information may take a few days to be released.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office said while firefighters battled slippery elements, no one was hurt putting out the fire.

“We’ve had no reports of any kind of injury, any kind of smoke inhalation. That was about it. I know it was icy out there, I know a couple of firemen had some trouble standing on their feet because it was really getting icy. It was freezing as they were spraying, but other than that we haven’t had any report of injury,” said Sheriff Jason Boman with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

The cost of the damage is unknown.

We reached out to Nordic Fiber Glass, but they declined to comment.


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