The Stars of PBS Shows Help Kids Explore Engineering and Science

Stars of PBS visited MSUM's Planetarium to help kids and families to learn about astronomy

FARGO, N.D. — Shows on PBS like Sesame Street, Arthur and Clifford all have one thing in common — they are educational. PBS brings their educational programming to life at MSUM with Stars of PBS.

“It’s just an opportunity to learn about the stars and the sky,” said Sara Schultz, Planetarium Director.

PBS and Moore Engineering teamed up for the third annual Stars of PBS. Kids from preschool to second grade were invited to MSUM’s Planetarium for a day filled with fun.

A screening of One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure played every 45 minutes, teaching a lesson about outer space and light. Other rooms were set up to teach kids the basics of physics.

“Lights and angles and how as the sun is low or high in the sky how your shadows change shapes and some of the basic concepts,” said Alexa Ducioame, professional engineer.

Ducioame says nobody is too young to start learning the fundamentals of engineering. She says the more kids learn now, the better off they’ll be in the future.

“Infrastructure has been a huge topic in the news lately and we have deteriorating roads and bridges and we need engineers to fill those positions so we can fix all of that,” said Ducioame.

Kids who did not have the opportunity to learn STEM lessons had a chance to wind down and relax and take pictures with Curious George.

“Some kids were so excited they couldn’t stop hugging him,” said Schultz.

After having a meet and greet with Curious George, kids made their way to a room filled with games. Ducioame says she felt the STEM games were extra important, especially for girls.

“Legos are targeted towards the boys and the girls don’t really get that exposure,” said Ducioame.

Stars of PBS not only allowed the community have fun and learn something new.

The Planetarium will host Romance Under The Stars from February 11th to the 14th.

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