Defund Planned Parenthood Rally Held in Moorhead

The rally was one of many across the nation calling for the government to pull its funding for Planned Parenthood

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Rallies calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood are going on across the country, and one of those protests happened in Moorhead.

About fifty sign wielding, pro–life advocates gathered in front of Moorhead’s Planned Parenthood clinic. For some, the fight is about religious morals.

“Life is a precious gift of God, and from the moment of conception until natural death, all life – human life – should be protected,” said retired West Fargo Minister, Ken Koehler.

For others, it’s political.

“To have our tax-paying money, almost $500 million of our tax-paying money goes to Planned Parenthood,” Rally Organizer, Betty Gemmill.

For one man, it’s more personal.

“I was adopted by a woman who was not able to keep her child and so I’m very thankful for that and it’s obviously pretty close to my heart. Could have been if it was a different person, perhaps I would not have been born,” said Tom Reagan.

Rallies like this one are going on across the country, but there’s also a counter movement of rallies that are for Planned Parenthood that are scheduled on the same day.

In St. Paul, both sides of the issue saw thousands of people demonstrating. Activists from the pro–choice side have said Planned Parenthood provides more than just abortions.

Planned Parenthood reports three percent of their services are abortion procedures, and federal funding given to Planned Parenthood is not allowed to be used for abortion.

Nonetheless, many at the rally in Moorhead said they believe the organization is corrupt, and they want to see President Trump put an end to its federal funding.

“Overall, we would want him to take that tax paying funds, again almost $500 million and redirect it to women’s pregnancy centers,” said Gemmill.

Gemmill said there are over 200 rallies being held across that nation in opposition to Planned Parenthood.

The Planned Parenthood Clinic in Moorhead does not perform abortions at the facility. Instead, they refer patients to the Red River Women’s Clinic for the procedure.

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