‘Coffee With Cramer’ Boils Over

Hundreds filled Beans Coffee House for Congressmen Cramer's first town hall style meeting in Fargo since Trump took office

FARGO, N.D. — A contentious “Coffee With Cramer” event in Fargo.

North Dakota Republican Congressmen Kevin Cramer faced many frustrated people who have questions about the nation’s future.

“Make wall street accountable. We’ve had the worst recession in 50 years,” yelled one frustrated woman.

“That’s the reason we have so many people on food stamps,” exclaimed another man in the crowd.

Hundreds filled Beans Coffee House for Congressmen Cramer’s first town hall style meeting in Fargo since President Trump took office.

But it was emotion that filled mothers of children with disabilities, who are worried for the future of affordable health care.

“Medicaid is the reason he can stay home,” explained one local mother.

“I need to know that that care will be able to continue,” said another, who said her daughter is terminally ill. “If we have a lifetime max she’s going to hit it fast. And without her medication she will die.”

“We do not repeal the lifetime cap,” Rep. Cramer said in response.

Another concern?

How will the nation make sure taxes won’t go up?

“We’re going to take up some comprehensive tax reform,” he explained. “Then, during that time, committees will start talking about that infrastructure piece you’re talking about.”

Cramer told the crowd he suspects President Trump will make changes to his immigration ban, one that has more exceptions for people traveling in and out of the seven countries.

“Does me being Muslim make me less of an American citizen?” askedĀ one woman in the crowd, who was referring to the president’s travel ban.

“There has been an increase in hate crimes against the Muslim facilities as well as the mosque and Jewish facilities,” responded Rep. Cramer. “All of that is very unfortunate. The government is not doing it. The bottom line is the government is not doing it.”

But not everyone was there to fight back.

“I think Congressmen Cramer did a wonderful job at taking all comers as he always does,” said John Pierce, who met Cramer while he was a student at Concordia College.

“Now we have a business person who understands how to run these things,” Cramer said to the crowd as some booed about President Trump.

Organizers say there are about 3,000 members in “Indivisible FM”, the progressive group that asked Cramer for the meeting.

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