Pet Connection: Meet Bella

Bella is aptly named. And she's just as brainy as she is beautiful.

And we’re not saying she’s smart just because she laughs at Emily’s jokes, right on cue. Bella and her rescue worker, CAARE avian rescue worker Casey Backlund, stopped by the KVRR morning show for a live in-studio interview about what it takes to successfully adopt an umbrella cockatoo, which is what Bella is.

Bella is only 15 years, which is quite young for this species. They can live to be 60 and sometimes 80 years old. Some people have even willed their birds to their surviving family members!

They are very intelligent and highly social, as well as loud, and as Backlund puts it, “needy.” Bella in particular loves to cuddle.

“I’ve heard it said that it’s like having a toddler running around all day, with a can opener,” Backlund said.

Their beaks are strong enough to break fingers, but Bella was extremely gentle with both Emily and Scott, whose forecast she helped with. She needs to go to a home that has no asthma, since her shedding can create a reaction in some people with breathing issues.

If you have a home that needs a smart, beautiful, affectionate bird like Bella, check her and her profile out:

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