The Opioid Epidemic: How to Get and Use Narcan

Save A Life With Naloxone, the Anti-Heroin Drug -- Now Available Without a Doctor's Prescription

Almost no demographic group has been spared the scourge of opiate and heroin addiction that’s claiming lives all across the country and here at home in North Dakota and Minnesota. But now, North Dakota is fighting back, with a unique approach to getting Narcan, otherwise called naloxone, an antidote that can save lives in the event of an overdose.

North Dakota is the only state where pharmacists, not just doctors, can give you a prescription forĀ  naloxone, a drug that can stop a potentially fatal overdose in its tracks. NDSU pharmacy program officials helped convince state leaders to let pharmacists in the state give the prescription for naloxone (also known as Narcan) to addicts, the family members who are worried about their safety, and people concerned that their prescription opiates could result in an accidental overdose.

Dr. Elizabeth Skoy, assistant professor of pharmacy practice at NDSU, stopped by the KVRR Morning Show to demonstrate for Emily three ways of administering lifesaving naloxone. You can inject it via standard syringe, or give it in the nasal cavity. There’s even an automated kit that narrates how you can administer the drug in the event of an overdose crisis.


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