Fargo’s Feathered Friends

They're crafting a new backyard chicken keeping ordinance, but they need your help to do it.

After sweeping urban areas of the country over the past few years, backyard chicken keeping could be coming to Fargo.

After identifying some seemingly contradictory elements of city ordinance regarding keeping the birds in your backyard, Fargo City Commissioners directed the city attorney to work with Fargo Cass Public Health and other city departments to update Article 12–03, and other aligning codes, to allow for the keeping of chickens in residential backyards as an accessory use to household living.

Mara Solberg isn’t surprised there’s enough public interest in backyard chickens to warrant revisiting city code. She’s got a flock of 50 on her property outside the city, one of which joined Solberg with Kim Fargo-Cass Public Health nutritionist to visit with Emily Welker on the morning show.

The flock keeps her yard cleared of pests and her family supplied with fresh eggs, which, Solberg said, are vastly superior to store-bought eggs in terms of taste.

“It’s because they’re eating what they’re supposed to be eating,” Solberg said, as opposed to commercially mass-produced feed.

The chickens also provide her with endless entertainment. “They actually have hen parties,” she said.

The city’s ordinance does not allow slaughtering, keeping more than 4 chickens, or roosters within city limits.

Lipetzky pointed out much of the interest in backyard chicken keeping comes from people looking to eat more healthfully, especially for people who are interested in the local food movement.

Here’s a link to the site where you can leave a comment about the ordinance. https://www.cityoffargo.com/CityInfo/Departments/Health/Resources/CassClayFoodSystemsInitiative/LELWebsitePolicy/

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