Pet Connection: Meet Jasmyne

Talk about windows to the soul -- her personality is as sweet and goofy as her gaze.

There’s really no way to say it — her pictures just don’t do Jasmyne justice. Soft-spoken, soft-furred, and with a soft, goofy, slightly-cross-eyed gaze, Jasmyne the cat charmed everyone on the set of the KVRR Morning Show. She came in to visit live in the studio with Emily Welker and Ryan Keel of Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue, and she was purring within her first 20 seconds on camera.

Jasmyne’s owners had to surrender her to the rescue after their grandchild turned out to be allergic to cats. She’s declawed on her front feet, has all her shots, is spayed and microchipped, and as you’ll see in her video, has a wonderful, well-socialized, affectionate personality. Her strabismus (Jasmyne’s mildly crossed eyed) doesn’t appear to affect her vision or overall health, nor do the couple of extra pounds she’s sporting around the middle.

As you might imagine, making sure all their adoptable animals are healthy, fixed and ready to go to their “furever” homes isn’t exactly cheap, as Keel admitted. For just $15, you can check out Diamond in the Ruff’s big silent auction and fundraiser this weekend in West Fargo. Keel said you can also place bids online for the first time this year. Either way, check out our links below to get the scoop on Jasmyne before someone scoops up this snuggly sweetheart, or to take a look at all the other adoptable animals at Diamond in the Ruff. And don’t miss their silent auction!

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