Eagles Elementary Students Tackle National Bike to School Day

Students participate in National Nike to School Day

FARGO, ND — Wheels were rolling in from every direction as hundreds of students participated in National Bike to School Day.

“This is just a good way to jump start their day and get their brain moving before they have to use it,” said NDSU student Barbi Reuss.

Students at Eagles Elementary were encouraged to ride their bikes, scooters or rollerblades instead of taking the bus.

It’s a national effort to make sure students are staying active before their school day begins.

“Obviously, today our kids aren’t moving enough and the national organizations say that students should get 60 minutes of activity a day,” said Jenny Linker, an assistant professor with NDSU. “Most of our students are not meeting this.”

Prizes were awarded to students who rode their bikes and if you wore a helmet, you got a gift certificate for ice cream.

“Unfortunately, there’s bike accidents every year, so as the kids come in as they’re wearing their helmets they’re getting rewarded for that,” said Linker.

Kids even share what they took away most from riding their bikes to school today.

“When you’re staying healthy and active, you get to do more things when you grow up,” said student Deja Waller.

“So you can get a lot of exercise,” added another student.

“You get active and your heart rate gets up so it’s really good for you and you get exercise,” said student Piper Weeks.

With the help of teachers, parents and NDSU college students, they all agreed this wasn’t just fun for the kids, but it was a morning of fun for everyone.

“I just love the numbers and I love to see the parents coming in with the bike strollers attached and just that it’s not just a student event it’s now become a family event,” said Linker.

Tyler Hetland, the physical education teacher at Eagles Elementary secured a Safe Routes to School grant through the ND Department of Transportation to fund the day’s activities.

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