Pet Connection: Meet the Star Wars Gang

Luke, Leia, Chewbacca and Han(nah) Solo

With warm weather, the end of the school year and the premiere of much-awaited summer movie season, there’s another seasonal activity that comes around like clockwork: kitten season. That’s where Jill Lamp and this gang of fuzzy little stars comes in. Jill and the rest of the Star Wars “cast,” a group of 4-week-old sibling kittens, came in for a live in-studio appearance with Emily Welker on the Morning Show to talk about what it’s like to care for such tiny little felines.

The kittens don’t have a mom to feed them or teach them appropriate cat manners, so they’re being bottle-fed once every four hours by volunteers. That means they’ll also need help learning the things they’d ordinarily learn from mom, like discipline in not biting and scratching. Those are just some of the reasons it’s important to allow baby animals to stay with their mothers until they’re older and more ready for adoption.

Check out our link for more information on these tiny little stars, and for all the wonderful animals who need a “furever” home in our community.

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