Pet Connection: Meet Romeo

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou so cuddly?

Romeo is one handsome charmer, but unlike his Shakespearean namesake, he’s only looking for platonic companionship. That’s because the roughly two-year-old pit bull terrier was neutered recently.

4 Luv of Dog rescue worker and founder Kish Hilmert says neutering and spaying your dog is the way to go, unless that animal is going to be bred. Left intact, the hormones can make female dogs prone to mammary tumors and males prone to prostate cancer. It can also encourage your dog to roam to seek a female in heat, which can lead to being hit by a car while out and about, or to him breaking in to another person’s yard to get to her. Finally, the continual frustration can make your pet act out in less than desirable behaviors.

Romeo was surrendered by owners who couldn’t care for him any longer. He’s good with children and well-trained, is healthy, and has all his shots. Chances are, he could just be the love of your life. Check out his profile at

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