Fireworks Reminders for this Dry 4th of July

The do's and don'ts to pay attention to while handling fireworks this summer

FARGO, ND — Fireworks are great for family fun, but they can be dangerous when you don’t play by the rules.

It’s the holiday where lighting off tons of fireworks and firecrackers throughout the night is widely acceptable.

But when it comes to playing with fire, it’s dangerous on a number of levels.

“I don’t think there’s a year that goes by that we don’t see some kind of injury from fireworks,” said West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller. “It’s been small eye injuries, hand burns, stuff like that. All the way up to fatalities from some of these fireworks.”

“In most cases, it’s somebody doing something they shouldn’t be doing,” said David Reuter, who is with Memory Fireworks.

Reuter said his number one concern is safety.

With tomorrow being the official day for the state of North Dakota to legally be able to buy fireworks, he said there are a few things people should keep in mind.

“You want to be at least 100 feet away if someone is watching the fireworks,” he said. “Make sure they’re on a flat surface.”

“Here in West Fargo, we allow fireworks for 24 hours on the 4th of July in city limits but we still want people to be safe,” said Chief Fuller. “Shooting them off on their driveway or concrete surface, making sure they’re not going over their house or their neighbor’s house.”

This year’s drought conditions also raise concerns about fire hazards.

“We’re not in critical or extreme fire danger like the rest of the state,” explained Fuller. “Something could happen if we don’t get measurable rain in the next week.”

Even if you do think certain fireworks are safe, such as sparklers, it’s still important to stay cautious.

“I just give them sparklers and small stuff where you really can’t get hurt,” admitted Jerry Black who is from Pelican Rapids. “They’re safe nowadays.”

“Most people don’t realize that sparklers are very dangerous,” said Reuter. “They get very hot so make sure, because kids and adults tend to swing them around so you always want to make sure nobody’s standing around you when you’re playing with sparklers.”

Accidents can happen even for those who are being safe, but experts said the most important tool you should use is your common sense.

“Just like anything, you’re taking the tips we’re providing to make everything safer,” said Reuter.

“They’re safe,” said Black. “Like I said, you just have to handle them right.”

People living in North Dakota will be able to buy fireworks in the state up until July 5th.

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