Babies Bouncin’ All Over the Moorhead Library

The Moorhead Library continues to hosts it 'Baby Bonunce'

MOORHEAD, Minn. — School’s out for the summer but babies are getting a head start in their education.

Each week, the Moorhead Library hosts ‘Baby Bounce’ for toddlers up to three-years-old.

Kids and their caregivers are able to participate in sing-a-longs, readings of short stories and bubble time.

Organizers said it’s important for little ones to learn the importance of literacy early on.

“There’s not a lot of programs that offer that in the community and this offers socialization for parents to sit and talk to one another and really get that interaction parent to parent as well,” said Cassey Orre, who is a youth services associate with the Moorhead Library.

Baby Bounce continues next Thursday morning at 10:15 at the Moorhead Library.

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