Pet Connection: Meet Truly

A car crash broke her pelvis, but not her spirit. She's "Truly" a survivor.

This week’s Pet Connection is truly a heartwarming tale of survival. Truly, a one and a half year old black lab mix, is just out of a long confinement and recuperation after undergoing surgery to repair her pelvis, which was broken when a car ran her over. Truly spent two months on strict bed rest, immobilized to let her pelvis heal so she can have normal mobility following what could be a life-ending accident for many animals.

If you look closely at the video, you can see the lower half of her coat is still growing back, and it’s slightly shorter than her top half. But that’s about the only lasting mark her terrible accident has left her with, including her undiminished good cheer and friendliness. Like a lot of labs, Truly is outgoing and warm-natured, well-mannered with people as well as good with other dogs. She’s also quite chatty, with a bigger bark than her relatively small stature (for a lab) would indicate.

If you’re looking for a true friend with a steadfast nature and a wonderful attitude, this “Truly” resilient girl may be just who you need.

Check out her profile when she completes her recuperation and is ready for adoption at


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