Pet Connection: Meet Roxanne and Gumby

Don't let their shenanigans fool you. They're both really quite sweet.

Face-boxing, barking, leash-chewing, jumping and mouthing: nobody in the world would get away with one of these behaviors, let alone all of them, let alone ALL of them at once and on live television, and have it make them categorically irresistible, save a six-month-old puppy.

Fortunately for Roxanne and Gumby, a brother and sister pair who took over the KVRR Morning Show studio, that’s exactly what they are. The siblings came in together to Homeward Animal Shelter just a couple of days ago from the pound. They’re a cross between pit bull and shepherd, and while they obviously get along well together — as they showed with an extended face-gnawing match live in-studio — they don’t need to be adopted out to the same home.

Roxanne and Gumby are the perfect examples of why it’s always good to have plenty of free time if you’re adopting a puppy, since they have a ton of energy, enthusiasm and affection to give, but not a lot of training to back it up. However, if you have some summer vacation time away from work or school, these two characters would be great projects for the whole family to take on who are bound to grow up into wonderful, forever adult companions for the right home.