Golden Drive Homeless Kids: Community Event and Bike Run

Star Wars + First Responders + Motorcycle Run + Batman = Helping Homeless Kids in the FM Area.

It takes a pretty sunshiny personality to shine a light on the dark places in our community. And that’s why Sue Baron, of the Golden Drive Homeless Kids organization, is one of our very favorite people to have live in-studio on the KVRR Morning Show.

Baron’s organization works to fight the effects of homelessness on the children in the FM area. Homelessness and its effects on kids isn’t something a lot of us understand well or even grasp the extent of, but Baron’s been working to raise awareness of the problem and fight against it for two decades.

Lately, she’s been hard at work organizing this weekend’s Community Event and Bike Run. It will feature characters from Star Wars, Batman, many local first responders, food from Spitfire and games for children, as well as a bake sale, silent auction, and motorcycle run. Best of all, it’ll shine the light of awareness for all of us on homeless kids in the region. All you need to do is bring canned goods, hygiene supplies or baby products to donate.

Busy as Sue is, she made time to swing by to chat with Emily Welker and bring a little sunshine to our morning show to talk about the event.

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