UND Football Excited as Fall Practice Begins

Keaton Studsrud: "There was a lot of energy today... We just gotta keep up the energy."

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — The fighting hawks enjoyed the cool weather on the first day of football practice as they work their way to the start of the season four weeks from today.

The emphasis, as usual with fall camp, is on getting better and also staying healthy. With each new season, leadership roles change and develop, but North Dakota has an advantage with so many returning players.

They say today was an easy transition back into practice, which is not surprising.

“First practice in the fall, that’s the easy one,” Coach Bubba Schweigert said. “Everybody’s going to be excited. Now we’ve got to keep repeating that and doing it day after day.”

UND Quarterback Keaton Studsrud agrees.

“There’s a lot of energy today. The first day is always the easiest,” Studsrud said. “Going forward, you’ve just got to keep up the energy, and keeping guys healthy is the biggest thing.”

The defense felt the same way.

“It’s fun running around. There’s a lot of energy,” Linebacker Jake Disterhaupt said. “You could definitely feel it in the locker room before practice, during practice and warming up. Everyone is like the energizer bunny out here! Everyone is just ready to go. So, it was a good day.”

The Hawks open up the season on the road at Utah on August 31st.

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